Zach Gill

Life in the Multiverse

Zach Gill is a multi instrumentalist/singer/songwriter/member of the rock band ALO and a member of Jack Johnson's band. He also performs regularly as a solo artist.

Life in The Multiverse

Available June 2nd

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Zach Gill's Stuff


Zach Gill is on a true musical journey. From the moment you press play on his 2008 Stuff album and hear the opener 'Family' it's apparent that Gill is an effortlessly strong performer delivering easygoing Pop with a large dose of buoyant Soul. Growing up in Saratoga, CA, his early inspiration came from his grandmother Mabel, a church organist, and father Chuck, an ex-rocker. Zach's lifelong friendship since high school with fellow musicians Dan Lebowitz and Steve Adams (aka LAG) had the trio playing Jazz, Power-Pop Rock, Bluegrass and everything in between. The group evolved into the Animal Liberation Orchestra. Formed in 1998, ALO has been Zach's primary musical vehicle over the last decade. In 2005, he joined forces with college pal and emerging superstar, Jack Johnson.