Zach Gill

Life in the Multiverse

Zach Gill is a multi instrumentalist/singer/songwriter/member of the rock band ALO and a member of Jack Johnson's band. He also performs regularly as a solo artist.

ALO’s New Album Out Now

Well friends the new ALO album, “Sounds Like This” is out now and Im out on the road with ALO supporting our new record throughout 2012. We designed this record with you, the audience, in mind. While we were recording it, we imagined you, the audience, dancing, singing, howling, hooting and swaying along to the music we were making,  and if the groove and the lyrics felt like something you would like then we recorded it. As a result, every song on the album feels really good when we play it for you, the audience. So pick up our new record, “Sounds Like This” at your local record store or online and come on out to a show.  Visit for more details.

Thanks and love